A government planning inspectorate is sitting near Gatwick for six months, examining business plans to expand capacity at Gatwick airport.

These plans will:-

Fossil fuel combustion should already be being phased out, instead emissions are soaring.

The plans are disastrous and against every expert recommendation to avoid passing climate change tipping points, which will cause irreversible harm.

Extinction Rebellion demand an END TO THE ERA OF AIRPORT EXPANSION and the beginning of living within the finite limits of our only living planet. 

JOIN US in our campaign to question these plans and influence the outcome.


  1. As big as Heathrow: Gatwick plans to increase passenger numbers to 80 million a year.
  2. Increasing Flights to 100,000 per year in a Climate Emergency.
  3. Our own Govt’s Climate Change Committee says there should be no more airport expansion until the aviation industry starts to cut its CO2 emissions.
  4. Significant Carbon emissions: Gatwick plans for the airport to emit over 5% of the total UK budget by 2038.
  5. We are now set to breach the 1.5 degree threshold by 2030. This will lead to further extreme weather events, food shortages and irreversible climate breakdown, with the poorest suffering the most.
  6. At a crucial time when we must be reducing our carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, increasing flights is simply wrong.
  7. Planned climate impact exceeds what is permitted by the Governemnt’s own “Jet Zero” policy.
  8. Gatwick is the only UK airport without a cap on passengers or flight numbers.
  9. Sustainable aviation fuel is unachievable even at the rates we currently fly. Competition for  arable land causes biodiversity loss, rising food prices and water shortages, while biofuel use can result in even more emissions than fossil fuel.
  10. Biofuel use can result in even more emissions than fossil fuel and is likely to replace only at tiny percentage of fossil fuel use in the future.

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The Planning Inspectorate are holding an

Open Floor Hearing


Thursday 2nd May from 2pm

Livestream of this event is available for those wishing to observe in real-time:

Please note that this event will start broadcasting LIVE once it is opened by the Examining Authority. If the livestream does not initially work, it may be resolved by refreshing the webpage.

Full Agenda here with list of speakers inc.



Behind the fossil fuel industry lies a shady network of corporations and organisations that legitimise and enable the activities of an industry that is killing us. These can be in the form of finance, insurance, legal, engineering, construction, PR, press, pension funds, lobby groups and an almost endless number of others.

Their link to the fossil fuel industry is often hidden behind their glossy websites and claims of being Net Zero, but a closer look will reveal that they are carrying out activities that mean they continue to profit from fossil fuels.

Other organisations too, invest, promote and profit from fossil fuels. Some are complicit as contractors or hide behind think tank names, working behind the scenes, lobbying secretly in the corridors of power.

Extinction Rebellion’s CUT THE TIES campaign takes action against these fossil fuel enablers, shining a light on the activities they would rather keep hidden. The campaign does not disrupt the general public but instead targets the companies responsible for propping up the fossil fuel industry.

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Do you want to CALL OUT your local FOSSIL FUEL ENABLERS and demand they CUT THE TIES?

  1. Identify your chosen target in your local area.
  2. Come up with an action design with your local group
  3. Decide what assets you’ll need, whether generic CUT THE TIES assets are suitable or whether you would want target specific assets
  4. Plan a date for your action
  5. Recruit a support crew – ensure they all have the necessary NVDA training and arrange a legal briefing for your action
  6. ACTION DAY - Make the magic happen!
  7. Ensure your photos, videos, press releases are all shared on social media, local press and anywhere else you’ve planned them to go.
  8. Carry out an action debrief.  Consider Roses, Thorns and Buds - what went well, what didn't, and things that can be developed to improve future actions
  9. Consider escalations. Was your action a success? Would the target benefit from another visit? How can you turn up the heat on them next time?

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Many of the previous actions have had an immediate and clear impact on the companies targeted, the speed at which some have attempted to downplay and clean up the actions shows their concern regarding reputational damage they will suffer should their customer base and wider public be aware of their activities.

Previous Actions:

  • Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) – XR South West / South East
  • Tufton Street – Writers Rebellion
  • Eversheds Solicitors – HS2 Rebellion
  • Ineos – Plastics Rebellion
  • BAE Systems offices - Christian Climate Action
  • Church House - Christian Climate Action
  • JP Morgan – XR Health (Doctors)
  • Schlumberger – XR Wales / XR Youth
  • Ontario Teachers Pension Fund - Sky Rebellion
  • Hill & Knowlton – XR Cymru
  • BP – XR South East
  • Arch Insurance – Money Rebellion
  • International Maritime Organisation (IMO) - Ocean Rebellion
  • Edelman – XR London
  • Worley – XR South East
  • The Home Office – XR South East
  • London Fashion Show – Plastics Rebellion
  • Wood Group - Staines - XR South East
  • Labour Party HQ - XR South East
  • ...And more are happening all the time!

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Stop the Southampton to London Heathrow Pipeline

The new Southampton to London Heathrow Pipeline
New aviation fuel pipeline section in position to be buried on Chobham Common National Nature Reserve

The science is clear, fossil fuels are killing us [1] and the future of all life is in the balance. [2]

As the planet heats, the Esso Petroleum Company Limited[3], a subsidiary of the Exxon Mobil Corporation[4] is expanding 97km of underground aviation fuel pipeline[5] to carry 40% more fuel[6] across the South East of the UK; carving a 20m swathe of destruction[7] across the south east from Fawley Oil refinery to Heathrow Airport. But that’s not all. Exxon can continue to use the old pipeline too enabling a potential 140% increase in capacity for at least the next 20 years.

Flying is the fastest way we can burn fossil fuels and produce greenhouse gas emissions. [8] It is unjust that a tiny number of very rich people, just 1%, are emitting half of commercial aviation’s carbon emissions[9], whilst the poorest suffer and die because of climate breakdown. [10]

We are betrayed by our government, who have approved this project as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project which dictates a "significant need" for its development, overriding all other concerns. [11] There are plans to grow air traffic 60% by 2050 [12] which is a completely unsustainable prospect against the advice of the Government’s own Climate Change Committee. [13]
We are betrayed by Exxon Mobil who knew about the overwhelming scientific consensus on man-made climate change from at least the mid-1960s, and responded by sponsoring climate science denial. [14] This has enabled them to continue fossil fuel extraction despite knowing the harm it causes to people and planet.

It has been said, “The Earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses”[15]  
And some of them are closer to home than you may expect.

Join our campaign to #ResistSLP #StopExxon #StopTheSLP
Let's stop the Southampton to London Pipeline. [16]

Extinction Rebellion South East UK, 10th December 2021



1. The Health Argument for Climate Action

2. Almost 600 conservation experts have signed a letter by the wildlife charity WWF, published to coincide with UN report into loss of biodiversity

3. Esso Petroleum Company Ltd
Ermyn House, Ermyn Way, Leatherhead, Surrey, England, KT22 8UX

4. Exxon Mobil Corporation

Ermyn House, Ermyn Way, Leatherhead, Surrey, England, KT22 8UX

5. Application for the Southampton to London Pipeline Project (Development Consent Order)

6. The new pipe is wider than the existing one (15cm radius instead of 12.7cm). This seemingly small increase in size has a big impact on flow; the area across the pipe (Area = πr2) is around 40% bigger (706.8cm2 compared to506.7cm2) giving a roughly 40% increase in flow of oil.

7. Open Cut Installation

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11. Decision Letter
(See 7.4)

The Overarching National Policy Statement for Energy (EN1)


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See pages 10 & 11

14. Member of the US House of Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questions Exxon scientist on climate crisis denial

15. Utah Phillips

16. SLP in your area

Pram Rebellion

Government’s inaction on the Climate & Ecological Emergency is killing our children

An inquest into Ella Adoo-Kissi-Debrah’s death in London last year found the cause of death was air pollution, caused by breathing toxic air from a nearby busy road.  She was only 9 years old.




We all now know that climate breakdown has started, we see it on our TV screens and we know it in our hearts.  In the UK and around the world children are already suffering the consequences and these will only get worse unless we ACT NOW


1.    We ask you to take a stand.  Send an email to (UK President of COP26, Global Climate Summit).  Tell him the COP26 summit is the world’s LAST CHANCE.  

2.    Join Extinction Rebellion & get active - 

3.  Engage in conversations with others about the issue

4.    Make those environmental changes in your own life - you already know what they are - go on, you can do it! 

COURAGE, LOVE, PEACE, ACTION - only together, can we do this!

1 World Health Org Report 2018

2 - One in three UK children live in toxic air zones

3 Royal Colleges of Physicians & Paediatrics & Child Health

4 Dr Sarah Kotecha, Cardiff University School of Medicine

5 GOV.UK - A changing climate: exploring the implications of climate change for UK defence and security

CEE Bill campaign video