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Behind the scenes of government pantomime that signs off new fossil fuel licenses, lies a shady network of corporations and organisations propping up the fossil fuelled economy and tying together a global system that is killing us.

Many companies claim to have a Net Zero plan which they put up front on their glossy websites. But, when we look closer, most are continuing, some even intensifying, their fossil fuel investments. With their immense power, if some of them were to CUT THE TIES WITH FOSSIL FUELS, others would follow. Instead they choose to ramp up the drilling and trap us inside a web of devastation.

Other organisations too, invest, promote and profit from fossil fuels. Some are complicit as contractors or hide behind think tank names, working behind the scenes, lobbying secretly in the corridors of power.

Governments hold ultimate responsibility for the planetary destruction we see unfolding, by allowing this network of fossil fuel collaborators to dictate, and profit from, business as usual. Yet each and every organisation and their employees also have a moral obligation to stop serving the interests of fossil fuels. Do not be complicit. It’s time to jump ship and TELL THE TRUTH.

The addiction to fossil fuels must end. The huge fossil fuel corporations, and those who aid and abet them KNOW what we face. Enough is enough. We will expose the ties between the fossil fuel corporations and their collaborators, and we will piece together the web of lies with our actions.

Before we begin to repair the damage, we need to stop making the crisis worse. It’s time to step away from what’s making us sick and begin detoxing. Change is here whether we like it or not, but a better world is possible if we start today.

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Do you want to CALL OUT the FOSSIL FUEL ENABLERS? and demand they CUT THE TIES?
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Stop the Southampton to London Heathrow Pipeline

The new Southampton to London Heathrow Pipeline
New aviation fuel pipeline section in position to be buried on Chobham Common National Nature Reserve

The science is clear, fossil fuels are killing us [1] and the future of all life is in the balance. [2]

As the planet heats, the Esso Petroleum Company Limited[3], a subsidiary of the Exxon Mobil Corporation[4] is expanding 97km of underground aviation fuel pipeline[5] to carry 40% more fuel[6] across the South East of the UK; carving a 20m swathe of destruction[7] across the south east from Fawley Oil refinery to Heathrow Airport. But that’s not all. Exxon can continue to use the old pipeline too enabling a potential 140% increase in capacity for at least the next 20 years.

Flying is the fastest way we can burn fossil fuels and produce greenhouse gas emissions. [8] It is unjust that a tiny number of very rich people, just 1%, are emitting half of commercial aviation’s carbon emissions[9], whilst the poorest suffer and die because of climate breakdown. [10]

We are betrayed by our government, who have approved this project as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project which dictates a "significant need" for its development, overriding all other concerns. [11] There are plans to grow air traffic 60% by 2050 [12] which is a completely unsustainable prospect against the advice of the Government’s own Climate Change Committee. [13]
We are betrayed by Exxon Mobil who knew about the overwhelming scientific consensus on man-made climate change from at least the mid-1960s, and responded by sponsoring climate science denial. [14] This has enabled them to continue fossil fuel extraction despite knowing the harm it causes to people and planet.

It has been said, “The Earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses”[15]  
And some of them are closer to home than you may expect.

Join our campaign to #ResistSLP #StopExxon #StopTheSLP
Let's stop the Southampton to London Pipeline. [16]

Extinction Rebellion South East UK, 10th December 2021



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Pram Rebellion

Government’s inaction on the Climate & Ecological Emergency is killing our children

An inquest into Ella Adoo-Kissi-Debrah’s death in London last year found the cause of death was air pollution, caused by breathing toxic air from a nearby busy road.  She was only 9 years old.




We all now know that climate breakdown has started, we see it on our TV screens and we know it in our hearts.  In the UK and around the world children are already suffering the consequences and these will only get worse unless we ACT NOW


1.    We ask you to take a stand.  Send an email to (UK President of COP26, Global Climate Summit).  Tell him the COP26 summit is the world’s LAST CHANCE.  

2.    Join Extinction Rebellion & get active - 

3.  Engage in conversations with others about the issue

4.    Make those environmental changes in your own life - you already know what they are - go on, you can do it! 

COURAGE, LOVE, PEACE, ACTION - only together, can we do this!

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CEE Bill campaign video