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It is time to act. We use people power to demand urgent action from our Government.

Conventional approaches of voting, lobbying, petitions and protest have failed because powerful political and economic interests prevent change. Our strategy is therefore one of non-violent, disruptive civil disobedience – a rebellion.

Historical evidence shows that we only need the involvement of 3.5% of the population to force change – in the UK that’s about 2 million people.

Our meetings are the perfect first step to finding out more. Look for a Local Group near you and go to their social media for meeting dates or to send them an email. If you don't have a local group near you and are thinking of starting one, are interested in volunteering or would like to get in touch more generally, email [email protected]

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7 hours ago
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The second livestream from the protest at Farnborough Airport on 21/05/2022. "The Table of Extravagance"

The protest took part a few days before the worlds elite fly to the Davos summit, which sees the largest collection of private jets in the worlds.

Private jets are many more times mor polluting than any other form of transport and benefit from tax free fuel.

People around the world are already suffering the effects of climate change, but the UK governments Jet Zero plans effectively allow private jets to continue to pollute until 2050.
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11 hours ago

The second livestream from the protest at Farnborough Airport on 21/05/2022. "The Table of Extravagance".

A few days before the Davos Summit, which will the see the worlds largest collection of private jets, protesters blocked gates at the airport to highlight how damaging private jets are to the environment.
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11 hours ago

⚠️LIVE⚠️ Extinction Rebellion blockades Europe's premier private jet facility near London.
Eco-activists barricade Farnborough airport to demand end to private flights and tax-free fuel for the rich
Protest comes as world’s political and business elite prepare to fly by private jet to the Davos World Economic Forum

Extinction Rebellion is blockading the key entrances to Farnborough Airport today (21 May) to demand the UK government stops private flights now, because the rich and powerful are flying us all to extinction.
The protest comes as world leaders, influential business executives and selected billionaires prepare to fly out by private jet to meet at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where climate action is supposedly at the top of the agenda.
Yet Davos is reknowned as the world's largest annual gathering of private jets, highlighting the sheer hypocrisy of the political and business elites attending this annual event.
Flying is the fastest way to burn fossil fuels and aviation fuel is exempt from any taxes almost everywhere on the planet, in stark contrast to the price paid for fuel at UK pumps.

The 30,000 private flights to and from Farnborough Airport each year carry an average of just 2.3 passengers with each passenger being responsible for the emission of nine times as much carbon as an economy flight to the US and 20 times that to Spain.
Despite a key recommendation of the Climate Assembly UK to ban polluting private jets and helicopters, Farnborough Airport has been given permission to increase flight movements to 50,000 a year and has set it's goals on unsustainable expansion.
A £35 million ($47 million) hanger is scheduled to open in 2024 doubling the available temperature controlled hangar space plus a new partnership with UK-based Vertical Aerospace aims to offer a luxury four-passenger eVTOL aircraft service.

All this, as private jet use overall has seen growth rates of up to 25% whilst ordinary UK citizens are having to choose between heating and eating.

Press release: xr-southeast.uk/extinction-rebellion-barricades-europes-premier-private-jet-facility-near-london/
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1 day ago

Comment on Facebook

Thank you for highlighting this little mentioned but massive contribution to climate destroying emissions. Private flights are wrong in every sense!! 😡

The recommendation in the recent UK climate assembly of a ban on private flights has been completely ignored. The government needs reminding of this.

Thank you brave rebels 💚🌎

Well done rebels . Why can't these people travel by train ? Only to Switzerland ? Or even better use Skype or zoom like the rest of us have to ?

Plans to expand this airport is pure insanity. Completely at odds with the facts of the climate emergency.

Tax free aviation fuel …. In a climate emergency. God help us.

Well done rebels!

Brilliant action. Taxing aviation fuel is a no brainer. Nice looking block as well. 👍

Is that why it was only CND that protested at the airbases that matter?

So you are not even worthy of being on the news , so save your breath . I'm pretty certain that you all walked or cycled to your protest , 🤣🤣🤣 There are plenty of other ways of making your points, disrupting legitimate working people simply alienates your cause !

It was nice to hear from one of the active friends on behalf of the ecosocialist about the CO2 emission that seriously affects our Planet. He has rightly said that there are many hypocritical Governments around the Globe including that of ours e.g. Britain who have been corruptly offering heavy subsidy towards the fossil fuel companies who are gleefully destroying the atmosphere in seriously polluting it. They have already inflicted a huge damage towards the planet using the very busy 40 airports of Britain. Unless they urgently reduce their flights soon very very drastically it will be extremely suicidal for us all and also for the planet. We have only one planet to share. Therefore the Governments of the day must act swiftly. Del Hosain London.



Now that’s something I can agree with, don’t fuck with the small people, we are many, we are Legion

I live not far from Blackpool private airport where we get a mixture of private jets ans pleasure flights and also pilot training facilities so you can imagine the amount of flights in and out, so please Extinction Rebellion come here and give us a break, meanwhile your doing a fantastic job I hope you keep going till the battle is won

I got 4 tickets for sale


So well done thank you for what you are doing on behalf of us all 💚

Thank you Rebels🙏🌍💕

Stop people going to work you are scum


Thank you rebels ❤

Good morning Rebels.

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