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XR Rebellion UK Wide Banner Drop

28th Aug 2020 - 08:00
Mass banner drop across the UK plus fossil fuel themed actions. The rebellion has started! Change is Now. Across the UK we will begin this Rebellion with a visual show of our strength and solidarity as local groups, affinity groups and communities hang ALL their banners to Tell The Truth about the climate and ecological emergency. Our slogans may vary but our message is unified: we are Extinction Rebellion and we are here to ACT NOW. This is our chance to show our messages big and bold, from villages to cities across the country. Our banners will signal the start of Rebellion and send a clear signal that we are unified and ready to rebel against a system that is killing us. Actions planned on this day will have a fossil fuel theme so our message is coordinated, yet creative. This is an opportunity to highlight the breadth and depth of our dependence on fossil fuels, as well as local and regional issues and to reach out to other movements campaigning on different aspects of the climate and ecological emergency to show solidarity and support with their causes. Local groups, affinity groups, communities and even regions are encouraged to think big, work together and start planning autonomously. Involve every aspect of XR in the planning (regen, wellbeing, arts, police liaison, etc, etc) and get your local media and messaging teams involved. Decentralised but unified across the UK in timing! For more information including legal advice and health and safety briefing notes... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JgbPqc-yC51-zDQmh9qOzQa3X3atl4TjMV-NQmIOC_Q/edit?usp=sharing Keep checking back as this doc will be updated more with artwork files and press releases.
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