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XR Rebellion - Banks & Finance

31st Aug 2020 - 08:00
Banks & Finance The world of dirty finance should be taking a permanent ‘holiday’ from destructive dealings and propping-up polluters. We do not want our money to support ecocide at a time of climate and ecological emergency. Polluting businesses and industries need to be ‘Closed For Good’. We will take action against the finance industry, using the bank holiday to outreach in our communities to Tell The Truth about where our money goes and how we can all switch to cleaner money solutions which invest in a safer, sustainable future. Local groups, affinity groups, communities and even regions are encouraged to think big, work together and start planning autonomously. Involve every aspect of XR in the planning (regen, wellbeing, arts, police liaison, etc, etc) and get your local media and messaging teams involved. Decentralised but unified across the UK in timing! More information coming soon including legal, health and safety briefing notes and local press release template. Meanwhile have a look at some of the data, campaigns and organisations here: https://www.banktrack.org/campaigns
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