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Sucking the World Dry

10th Sep 2020 - 11:00
We cannot solve the climate and ecological emergency without stopping corporations like Coca-Cola from ?????????????? ??????? ????? ??????, ?????????? ??? ??????????? ??? ???????? ????????? ???? ??? ?????? ?????. Multinational corporations like Coca Cola exploit Black and Brown people to channel profit into America, Europe and other Rich Nations. ?Coca-cola is the biggest plastic polluter in the world with 89% of their waste not recycled and ending up in oceans. ?Coca-cola operates 58 water intensive bottling plants in india which have caused drought in those areas, decimating land, making it impossible for local people to water crops and grow food. ?Coca-cola workers in Columbia who have sought to unionise have been threatened, intimidated and even murdered. These corporations are ?????? ???????????, colonising the Global South to channel wealth to the Global North and leaving decimation in their wake. This is a mass action, where everyone is invited to ?️ ?????? ???? ????’? ??????? ?? ???? ?️. Go collecting trash from the streets of your community and deliver all of it on the 10th September to Coca Cola's London headquarters. We also ask you to make a placard saying why Coke is ?????? ???? ?. Would be great to see photographs of Coke pollution and toxicity from the Majority World on your placards. ????? ?? ??? ?????? ?????://?????????????.???/?????/?????????-??????-?????
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