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Redress the injustice - Guerrilla Repair

09th Sep 2020 - 01:30
???? ???? ??? ? ??? ?? ????????? ?????? ??????, ?????? ????? ?? ?????? ?????? ?? ?.?? ?? ** ???? ?????? ???? ?? ???????? ????** ???? ? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ????????? ?????? ? ??????. FASHION = ECOCIDE = INJUSTICE REPAIR-REWEAR-REBEL Come along to a Guerilla Repair session and learn a new skill that will help you to repair and remodel items in your wardrobe that you might otherwise discard. Take pride in repairing and personalising your clothes with visible mending techniques that look great and save your old clothes from landfill! **???? ???????: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAEt015Yq83QN_rJPBA **????? ????: • ??? ??? ??????? ???? ?? ?? ?????????? ????????? ???????? ?????? (if no, check here - https://extinctionrebellion.uk/act-now/local-groups/ - and contact your local group) • ???? ??? ???? ???? (??? ??????? ?????? ??????) ????????? (if no, check this link for online trainings - https://extinctionrebellion.uk/event/nvda-workshop/ ) • ?? ??? ???? ??? ?? ??? ?????????? - https://extinctionrebellion.uk/the-truth/the-emergency/ - • ?? ??? ???? ?? ?????? ????? ??????? ?? ??: ???????????????@?????.??? • ???? ??? ???? ???? ????? ???????????? **???? ?? ????????? ??????** An action that XRFA uses to oppose the fashion industry’s many human, animal and environmental injustices by sharing some creative ways of reducing the overconsumption of fashion. During the action we repair, remake and refashion items of clothing that “business as usual” would discard. REPAIR - REWEAR - REBEL! *???? ??? ???? ?? ?????** (????? ??? ???? ???????????) • An old T-shirt that you want to upcycle into something new (to make into T-shirt yarn) • Or an item of clothing that needs repair (jumper or jeans with rips/holes/stains) • Crochet hooks or knitting needles • Scissors • Tennis balls (or similar item) - for learning to darn holes • Needles, threads, embroidery threads or yarn • Don’t forget your face covering and hand sanitiser! **???????? ?????** (?? ??? ??????? ??? ???????? ????????????) • Visible mending (e.g. sashiko, darning with colour) • Easy crochet or knitting projects with -T-shirt yarn • Embroidery embellishment/personalisation of garments •Easy hand-sew alterations (e.g. rehemming trousers) **??? ??????? ????????** • The fashion industry currently produces around 10% of all humanity's carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. ???.???????????ℎ????????????.??? • If the fashion industry continues on its current trajectory its emissions are predicted to increase by around 50% by 2030, despite the current levels of CO2 in our environment already exceeding what is considered a safe limit by scientists. ???.???????????ℎ????????????.??? • It is one of the largest consumers of the world's water supply, pollutes the oceans with chemicals and micro-plastics and poses a serious threat to biodiversity through land use and habitat loss. According to the latest Living Planet Index the earth has already witnessed a 60% decline in biodiversity in the last 40 years. ???.?????????????.???/?????/??????-??????-??????-2018 Humanity simply cannot afford to continue down this destructive path. The fashion industry urgently needs to clean up its act. Currently the cost of staying “on trend” is having disastrous implications for our planet, but it doesn’t have to be this way. ??????? ?? ?????? • It is estimated that over 800,000 tonnes of discarded textile waste annually in the UK. ℎ????://????????????.??????????.??/??/??201719/????????/????????/1952/??????-?????/195207.ℎ?? • The equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or incinerated every second, contributing to CO2 emissions and therefore the increase of global warming. ℎ????://???.???????????ℎ????????????.???/??????/?????????/????????????/?-???-????????-???????_????-??????_???????_1-12-17.??? • The Western world now consumes 400% more textiles than we did just 20 years ago and this drastic upward curve is predicted to continue. ℎ????://???.??????????ℎ?????ℎ.??/?????/???????/?????/?????????/???????????????.??? In order to meet this demand 100 billion pieces of clothing are produced every year to keep fashion cheap is resulting in millions of garment workers suffering under modern slavery. https://cleanclothes.org/fashions-problems/waste-and-pollution ???’? ???? ????????? G20 countries imported $127 billion fashion garments identified as at-risk products of modern slavery. (2018) https://www.globalslaveryindex.org The ILO estimates that 170 million children are engaged in child labour, with many making textiles and garments to satisfy the demand of consumers in Europe, the US and other countries. http://www.ilo.org/wcmsp5/groups/public/---ed_norm/---ipec/documents/publication/wcms_221513.pdf Slavery in the fashion industry can exist at various stages of the supply chain: from harvesting and processing the raw material to assembling the garment and modelling the final product. Workers are often forced to operate in dangerous conditions for a grossly substandard living wage. Although ‘fast fashion’ is most commonly targeted for its heavy reliance on sweatshop labour and processes that cause ecological damage, it should be acknowledged that these practices exist across the industry from budget to luxury fashion. In fact, it is not uncommon to find workers in the same factory producing both designer garments and their high street imitations. Most luxury brands simply do not publish sufficient information about their environmental policies or provide any evidence of a commitment to ensuring that their workforce receives a living wage or safe working conditions. We believe that fashion at all levels should take responsibility for ensuring that the supply chain is free from human, animal and planetary exploitation. ??? ?????? ???? ???????? Fashion giants have introduced more ‘eco-friendly’ textiles like organic cotton and circulose into their latest collections. However this strategy of misrepresentation, dubbed as ‘green-washing’, presents its own set of problems. Consumers are being encouraged to believe that such garments are free from environmental exploitation and ‘guilt-free’. In reality, any clothing produced on such a mass scale can never be truly sustainable. The problems that really need addressing are overproduction and overconsumption, which are only being swept under the rug by green washing. ** ???????? ???? ??? ????????: soon... ** ???? ???? ??????????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ???????: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uQ1vuVMRsdrrdNlDAFRh7PDg8eV8DyS9DH23CPacw30/edit ?? ???? ???? ?????: ???.???????????????.??? ??? ????????: @??????????????? @???????????????? ???????? ?? ??????: @??.?????????????? @?????????????? **???? ????????** • PANDEMIC OR NOT ‘SUSTAINABLE’ FASHION BRANDS ARE STILL IGNORING THE EXPLOITATION OF THOUSANDS OF GARMENT WORKERS. ℎ????://???.???????????.??.??/??????/????-???ℎ???-????-???????-???????-ℎ-???-?-?9582561.ℎ??? • LUXURY’S HIDDEN INDIAN SUPPLY CHAIN ℎ????://???.???????.???/2020/03/11/?????/????-?????-???????-??????-?????-????????????.ℎ??? • DID ‘SLAVE LABOR’ MAKE YOUR DESIGN BAG? NEW REPORT FINDS LUXURY BRANDS LIKE PRADA, FENDI AND DIOR RANK AMONG THE WORST RETAILERS FOR PROTECTING WORKERS FROM EXPLOITATION. ℎ????://???.?????????.??.??/????/???????-6500211/??????-???ℎ???-??????-????-?????-?????-???-?????????-???????-???????-????-????????.ℎ??? • THE HIGH COST OF HIGH FASHION ℎ????://???.??????????.???/2017/06/????-???ℎ???-?????-?????-?????-?????-???????? • HOW ETHICAL ARE HAUTE COUTURE BRANDS ℎ????://?????????.???/ℎ????-???????-??ℎ????/ • H&M ACCUSED OF ‘GREENWASHING’ OVER PLANS TO MAKE CLOTHES FROM SUSTAINABLE FABRIC ℎ????://???.???????????.??.??/????-?????/???ℎ???/ℎ?-????????ℎ???-???????????-?????????-???????-????????-?????-?9312566.ℎ???
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