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Citizens Assemble!

05th Sep 2020 - 01:00
Parliament is failing us. We have to show them how it’s done. On Saturday, 5 September, we’ll be bringing a sense of what a Citizens’ Assembly sounds and feels like to Trafalgar Square. Come and join us at the doorstep of power. Visit the interactive Citizens’ Assembly hive. Listen to speakers with first-hand experience of citizens’ assemblies. And take part in a socially distanced conversation about how our democracy can better address this emergency. The action will run from approx. 1pm. All participants are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings and stand one metre apart. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- As ordinary people, we get that there’s a climate and ecological emergency and we all want to do our part. But our political system prevents politicians from doing anything to really solve it. While almost everyone believes in the idea of democracy, we often have a narrow experience of what that means in practice. For most of us, it starts and ends with elections. In short, we’re trapped: the system we have is failing us, but we have trouble imagining anything beyond it. Extinction Rebellion is demanding a Citizens’ Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice. It’s a form of deliberative democracy that is gaining popularity around the world. And we believe it’s the best suited format for the UK Government to address this emergency. A handful of MPs have even begun to embrace it. They know that when you bring together people from all walks of life and teach them about science and policy in-depth, they’ll make serious, informed choices that can guide us through this crisis. That’s why Government needs to launch a full-scale citizens’ assembly now. More details and programme of speakers to follow. You can also join our telegram channel for updates: https://t.me/citizensassemblies
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