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A Cry for Help

02nd Sep 2020 - 01:00
A CRY FOR HELP Sept 2nd at 1 pm Buckingham Palace, Victoria Memorial, facing down the Mall. All are welcome : Please join us. What : Grandparents and Elders stage a silent visual protest and then speak out on behalf of all children: those suffering now in the global south, those not yet born, those no longer alive, those who are anxious, all whose future is in peril. Running order: 1. Introduction - A speaker will introduce the action. 2. The silent action - We each hold up an item of child’s clothing: babygrow/T shirt with the word HELP attached. We form a silent tableau for 10 minutes. Some of us will slot these items of clothing on 2m pieces of rope and stand in a line. Others will stand in different places around the memorial, holding the item of clothing. 3. Voices - Those who want to can come to the microphone in turn to speak on behalf of a child or in the voice of a child: a poem, short speech, letter. Or you could ask someone to read your speech/poem for you. 4. The two speakers will repeat their speeches about the CEE bill that they plan to deliver in Parliament Sq the previous day. 5. We shall enjoy some gentle singing, led by song leaders, allowing us to sing quietly (current medical guidelines suggest quiet singing may be ok). Please wear black or something dark. We shall wear masks Things to Bring: A small item of child’s clothing: babygrow, T shirt (borrowed from a child, bought from a charity shop and re- donated). Preferably white. If not white, plain and non-patterned. A piece of paper or light card printed with HELP in Fuxcaps Bold 220 size and fixed to the clothing, or marked on a piece of cloth and attached. We shall have spares of these, if you can’t print one. A mask – we have xr stickers to put on the masks. A few words to speak on behalf of a child: prose, poem, letter. Further Action and Action from Home: Send a written copy of your ‘voice of a child’ speech/poem. Make a voice recording of your speech/poem. Make a video of your HELP clothing with a voice-over. Send all these to XRGrandparentsandEldersFB@protonmail.com
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