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Behind the scenes of government pantomime that signs off new fossil fuel licenses, lies a shady network of corporations and organisations propping up the fossil fuelled economy and tying together a global system that is killing us.

Many companies claim to have a Net Zero plan which they put up front on their glossy websites. But, when we look closer, most are continuing, some even intensifying, their fossil fuel investments. With their immense power, if some of them were to CUT THE TIES WITH FOSSIL FUELS, others would follow. Instead they choose to ramp up the drilling and trap us inside a web of devastation.

Other organisations too, invest, promote and profit from fossil fuels. Some are complicit as contractors or hide behind think tank names, working behind the scenes, lobbying secretly in the corridors of power.

Governments hold ultimate responsibility for the planetary destruction we see unfolding, by allowing this network of fossil fuel collaborators to dictate, and profit from, business as usual. Yet each and every organisation and their employees also have a moral obligation to stop serving the interests of fossil fuels. Do not be complicit. It’s time to jump ship and TELL THE TRUTH.

The addiction to fossil fuels must end. The huge fossil fuel corporations, and those who aid and abet them KNOW what we face. Enough is enough. We will expose the ties between the fossil fuel corporations and their collaborators, and we will piece together the web of lies with our actions.

Before we begin to repair the damage, we need to stop making the crisis worse. It’s time to step away from what’s making us sick and begin detoxing. Change is here whether we like it or not, but a better world is possible if we start today.

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